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Installation of the software

The installation procedure is described in the kicad documentation.

Modifying the default configuration

A default configuration file kicad.pro is provided in kicad/share/template. This file is used as the initial configuration for all new projects.

This configuration file can be modified to change libraries to be loaded

To do this:

  • Launch pcbnew using kicad or directly. On Windows is in c:\kicad\bin\pcbnew.exe and on Linux you can run /usr/local/kicad/bin/kicad or /usr/local/kicad/bin/pcbnew if the binaries are located in /usr/local/kicad/bin.
  • Select Preferences - Libs and Dir.
  • Edit as required.
  • Save the modified configuration (Save Cfg) to kicad/share/template/kicad.pro.